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Green Flash Studios

This is the facebook page I created for the portrait studio I work for. The owner opened the location about a year ago but was busy with her sports photography business and did not do much with the space. She had about 1 or 2 shoot a year in the studio. I began working for the owner and convinced her the studio is just as importnant. I have struggled throught convincing her to modernize our look, invest in new equipment and props, and even to put at least a little money into marketing the studio. I know it is still a very big work in progress. This is the direction we are head and I am very excited about the future.

Using facebook has not been a challange, the challanges I have run into are exposing our brand to a large audiance. We pay for a facebook ad daily (which has helped us a great deal) and we send out vertical response emails. The response is slow but it is getting better.


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