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Green Buffalo Estates



Green Buffalo Estates Executive Summary

“The Snohomish Hemp Institute is a training and development farm designed to co-create career opportunities through an entrepreneurial farming-franchisee program…”



Company Overview

The organically grown Green Buffalo Estates ‘Hemp Brand’ initially consists of three main product categories: organically grown Cannabidiol (CBD) dietary supplement oils, the hemp-seed oil/flour, and retail-merchandising.

The Green Buffalo Estates Brand will be doing business as the Snohomish Hemp Institute (which is a Washington State 'Social Purpose' Enterprise), and will be working in partnership with industry-specific trusts, franchisees, as well as the LUVRules 501c3 foundation.


I am David Harold Moore and I am the CEO and Chief Strategist. I have been developing this social enterprise since I was fifteen years old. I am now 44 years old and the systems engineering strategy has finally crystallized. And this is because Cannabis has the ability to earn enough revenues to satisfy all of the stakeholders -AND- achieve the social mission of providing organically grown food and medicine to the average consumer...

Customer Problem

Due to the environmental factors in our everyday lives, our bodies and minds are consistently stressed with anxiety and harmful toxins. The Green Buffalo Estates 'Organically Grown - Hemp CBD Oil' helps people fight-off those harmful effects via the upregulation of the endocannabinoid immune system. And the Green Buffalo Estates 'Organically Grown - Hemp CBD Oil' will be the highest-grade dietary supplement on the market.

Products & Services

Green Buffalo Estates Hemp-CBD-Oil is a dietary supplement that helps upregulate your immune system. The Snohomish Hemp Institute provides several educational and tourism opportunities. Lunai's Casual Upscale Restaurant serves organic and pasture raised foods, as well as fresh wild line-caught fish (with a focus on vegan and vegetarian cuisine). And Jax’s Hoagie Shack & Juicery will provide upscale hot subs, as well as raw vegan-fruit smoothies.

Target Market

Seattle Area Market Analysis: Ages 35-64 represent 55% of Households and 65% of all spending on food away from home; Households with 1-2 people represent 50% of H.H., and 50% of food away from home; Households earning $50,000 or more represents 35% of all H.H. and 60% of all spending on food away from home. 10M Visitors to Seattle spent $5.9B in 2012; $4B was spent on food, lodging, retail, and entertainment.


The Hemp CBD Oil is a dietary supplement oil and we will be targeting a global populace via a 'first language' marketing stratagem; the U.S. 'Initial Start-up Strategy' will be executed through a 'Cannabis Dispensary' and 'Health Food Store' consignment program which leads into a membership program; and the Casual Upscale Downtown Restaurant will be targeting well-heeled urban professionals via wholesome foods and an educational tourism-strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Organically Grown: The Snohomish Hemp Institute is a farm that accepts summer externships, trains the disenfranchised, provides tours, and co-creates serious educational opportunities for the aspiring hemp professional. The Snohomish Hemp Institute is also a tourist destination with an eighteen-unit glamping site, and will ultimately create 'Living Wage Employment' for all; and the Downtown Restaurant is a Casual Upscale Tourism Center as well.

Sales Strategy

After processing, infusing, and packaging the oils into gel caps. Green Buffalo Estates will provide Dispensaries, Health Food Stores, Spas, and Athletic Clubs a consignment program where their stores and brands are marketed in partnership with our free five-day sample bottle (original blend) through a four-color postcard car-flyer stratagem.

The initial goal of the consignment marketing campaign is to create brand awareness, establish the highest quality brand of organically grown cbd-oil on the market, and provide a win-win for our strategic alliance partners by marketing their stores and providing their customers with a free $50 bottle of the Green Buffalo Estate’s ‘Original Blend’ Coconut-Oil-Infused CBD-Oil pills (*a purchase of $50 or more within the store is required).

The primary purpose of the consignment marketing campaign will be to get customers to apply online for the annual membership program that includes an annual payment discount, or the thirty-day program that offers the ability to pay/change/cancel every thirty days.

Business Model

We are a Washington State ‘Social Purpose’ Corporation (partnering with a 501c3 and several LLC Mgt. companies). And our business model is a holistic farming program (being executed by the Snohomish Hemp Institute) that entails organically growing hemp during the summer months (for the purpose of rejuvenating the top-soil), and to organically grow nutrient and mineral rich vegetables during the non-summer months (farm lays fallow during the winter).


*** Processing a concentrate of the cannabis sativa plant; causes the chemicals, the pesticides, and other environmental pollutants to be concentrated within the ‘cannabis-oil concentrate’. This creates the potential for making the ‘medicine’ a poison. This is definitely a huge threat to the integrity of this fledgling industry.

Competitive Advantage

The sustainable and organically grown farming practices consist of seven foundational pillars: cannabis solariums, hemp fields, vegetable greenhouse farming, bee keeping, pasture raised eggs, as well as solarium fish and shrimp farming.

And by combining an aquaponic-biofiltration system with an upregulation-infusion methodology (as well as a hemp-seed oil radiant heating system), the Snohomish Hemp Institute guarantees that organically grown food and medicine are ingested by the average consumer.


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