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Greedy Crow

I live where there are very many crows, to the point that I could hear a dozen or so as I watched the videos for this course. They were the natural choice. These versions are saved as JPG and PNG, so there is some pixilation, but the originals are .SVG, so they look smooth at any size.


I went through google images for a good picture, and I went with one without too many feathers sticking out. A smooth profile is easier. I then used some filters in GIMP to emphasize and then extract the outline of the bird. I pasted that image into a google draw file, and then used the curvy line to trace the head and eye. I tried to simplify the curves, but a crow's head isn't too complex in the first place from this angle. 

I wanted a white crow on a black background, but it turns out that a crow and a sea gull look a lot alike if you don't include the right color. 

My project is really simple, but I really like the movement from ideation, to image search, to tracing with paper while being creative, and then keeping anchor points to a minimum in the final drawing. Thanks for the course, I'll post more as I make them.




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