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Greater Orlando : Florida

Hi there my name is Bryan Garces, Im glad to be here taking this course with you guys. Thank you Trashhand for taking the time to create this class.

For this project I used my Panasonic GH4 w/ Metabones Speed Booster.


Canon 24mm IS USM 2.8

Panasonic 25MM Leica DG Summilux 1.4 ASPH. 

Lets collaborate and I will follow back


I really enjoy going out and doing this project, you learn a lot from yourself and also you learn awesome techiques. 

Portraits :

Man walking with dog:

This photo got my attention because you see here a daily commuter, looking as he gotten of work, went home to get dog to take it for a walk and now he looks likes hes heading out to the park with the dog and his laptop to do some more work.


Cell Phone Man:

This guy was on his cell phone for about 1 hour, he looked somewhat worried. I took the photo when I driking some water. It gets really hot here in Florida.


The Working Man:

He was on a hurry to finish, and go home. After I took this picture, he was turning the corner and 2 of the boxes full of paper fell on the floor, I lended a helping hand, getting back the trash in the boxes and loading the cart once again. 



When I was walking toward my car, this man steped out of the 7-eleven, took out a cig, lit it up, took his phone, and took a break. Break time is important when you work a long shift. 


Look UP:

Cobb Plaza and the Chase Building

One of the most recognized buldings in Down town orlando, people come here to bank and see movies, what a conviniance. This buidling has a lot of traffic, both from employees, clients and customers. Everyone comes to these buildings for something. 


Pine Street Garage

As I was passing by the garage, I needed my first look up, I liked the texture of the brick and how extruted the divisions of the bricks were. so I took the photo. 


Back Allyway of my favorite Pizzeria

The smell of fresh pizza baking in the oven can be smelled from behind this location. I like this photo because you can see that there is an uneveness in hight but yet it gives the illussion that both bulding are almost at equal hieght.


Motion Blur:

Bycle Man!

One of the best transportation is bycles here in DTO, when 8AM hits you better be on a bike, or when its time to go home at 5PM you better have a bike because you will be stuck in traffic for like an hour. This Communter knows what im talking about. 


Hey Taxi!!

I was walking down orange ave, when I saw the mears taxi cab speeding down to pick up his next commuter. 


Night Motion Blur


Here is was at the parking lot of the board walk, I saw this VW passing by I like its Rims and I wonder what would happen if I put my camera at 1 second exposure. Voila I got infinity symbols from the rims.


The Overpass

This over pass looks over the I4 Highway, this highway takes you to cocoa, and to disney. I when up to the bridge and wrap my gorilla pod on the rail and used my app on my phone to control the camera. 



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