Great show that my family and I enjoyed watching every week together!!!!

Steve Urkel/Stefan Urquelle both reminds themselves of me as I was once a intelligent very quiet and an un-noticable boy in middle school, and then when i got to highschool and got noticed because of athletic abilities, became very very popular with everyone and ended up becoming prom king. I can relate to both personalities of Steve and understand how it feels to at one time look an admire a person from afar and think to yourself "I could never have a person like her" and then in another time of you life it seems like you're on top of the world and the "It-Guy"

List of all episodes:

Season 5 Episode 8:

After Laura gets fed up with Urkel's mischevious behavior, she tells him that he needs to change. So Urkel devises the ultimate scheme to win her heart...a potion that will turn him into an ultra-suave, good-looking ladies man. Steve drinks the potion and becomes Stefan Urquelle and quickly wins Laura's heart, but it isn't long before she's fed up with his arrogant narcisstic nature and rather have the irksome nerd back.

Season 5 Episode 24: "Stefan Returns"
Urkel, still pining for Laura's heart, renovates his Stefan Urquelle alter-ego, inventing a transformation chamber to do so. He's a much friendlier person this time, but the formula soon wears off just as Laura professes her love for Stefan. Urkel is resolved to one day make Stefan permanent.


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