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Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

January 24

Just keeping track of my progress - or regression! Sometimes I am not sure. :)

January 23

I started adding textures to the background. I got a little confused about using colors and trying to limit the number of colors that I was using. And I used refrerence photos to create the textures. I think this has given me an idea of what I want to do, so I will work on some more handmade textures next.

I think my next step is to go back and work on 'Great' so it isn't so wobbly. And then keep trying to figure out how all the textures work with Illustrator and Photoshop. 

January 22

I have been working on my project in little bits. I was really struggling to figure out the tree and balance the lettering with the background. It all looked a lot different when I brought it into the computer.

So I ended up doing a lot of simplifying and reworking sections. This is just a color layout with the updated design. And I will look forward to working textures in in place of some of the design elements that I took out from some of the earlier drawings. I hope that will add some subtle interest to the flat areas without overwhelming the lettering.

I would be happy for any feedback, thanks! 

January 14

I rethought my concept some and am still trying to make it kind of fun and kid centric. I added in the treehouse concept with a similar composition and worked on the lettering to try and give that some more character. I am hoping that it is getting better. I almost feel like I need more paper, or that I need to condense the lettering some.

I am definitely looking forward to getting into texture and color but want to make sure the drawing is solid.

January 8

I wanted to try and create a different feel for my drawing that was a little simpler and friendlier with a kid friendly poster in mind. I am not normally drawing lots of loopy leaves but I gave it a shot. I got some great advice on directions and wanted to try some of those ideas out along with a new feel. 

I tried to integrate the words into the tree branches but with a softer feel than my initial sketches. I think I like the new one, at least the tree, but have probably lost some interest in the 'little acorns' area. Also, it needs to move over to the left, but the paper was getting pretty worn.

I will be very excited to try out some textures as I was watching ahead on Mary Kate's videos on texture and color.

I would love to hear which sketch you prefer!? Or back to the drawing board!

January 5

I worked on some more thumbnails and ideas. I decided to do a more detailed drawing that I am adding. I would like the image to be something with relatively simple lettering, something that you might hang in a kids room like a small poster.

Happy for any feedback! Thanks!

December 30

For my project, I chose the phrase 'Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow'. I love watching my daughter, just a little acorn, as she is growing and it is amazing to watch her as she learns and becomes stronger. So, it just seemed like an appropriate phrase for me right now.

Also, my last project had a hard edge kind of feel to it and I wanted to do something that was more organic. Plus I like to draw trees! 

So anyway, I wanted to get started. My start has been a little scattered as I kind of started drawing more than I was supposed to. So this may just be the first draft of thumbnails and exploration.

I did some lettering warmup but wasn't really feeling too good about any direction.

So I started to draw a little more and was playing with how branches and leaves could form words. This isn't really the feel I wanted, a little too intense and sharp, but I liked the 'OAKS' and that got me exploring that in some thumbnails.

These were quick, just trying to get a couple different ideas on paper. I am starting to like the idea of a frame of branches and leaves that integrates with some of the words like in the bottom left thumb. I think I will do some research and see if I can come up with some more ideas before moving on to the next step. I would be happy for any input or ideas!


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