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Great Gothic Bootcamp Weeks 1 and 2

Oh my word, this tattoo has been a challenge. I took the class before, but I couldn't wrap my brain around creating a tattoo, because I'm just not a fan. I have no idea if this is ugly or not. It's definitely very very rough. I think with some refinement and more color it's the start of a cool design. I want the little guy to appear to just be landing.

Here are some more renditions. I'm not posting all million of them...





It's pretty amazing what a difference a slight difference of thickness of line will do to fix or ruin an entire piece. So subtle.

Feel free to critique (:

I also wanted to include some practice sheets:




I wish they weren't sideways. My original photos aren't.

Some things I learned:

It's important to move the paper as you work because moving your hand to reach causes the writing slant to slowly change. 

The first few lines are always lopsided for me, but I can see improvement quickly, highlighting the importance of doing warm-ups.

J. Herbin inks are the best inks ever. Going back to the black Pilot ink felt awkward and unwieldy.

I love doing these exercises and plan to integrate them into my calligraphy routine. 


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