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Great Gothic Boot Camp Week 3

It takes a lot of practice to find the right balance between precision and speed! I've done so many of these practice sheets, and it's worth the effort, plus it's so much fun. I thought it was time to add some color when I did the speed page.

In doing the following practice sheet, I learned how to get smoother transitions based on which side of the pen I lifted:


I noted this on the practice sheet. But lifting the "wrong" side just offers up more shapes. This experimentation could easily get out of control ;-).

Epiphany for me: A too-tight grip leads to bad line quality. It helps me to loosen my grip if I move my hand up the pen staff, away from the nib. This realization = huge impact!

Here's exercise 2:


Wow. I really need to work on the long strokes. I need to turn the paper and pull towards me, for sure. I also get better consistency overall if I stand up to do this stuff. When I work seated, it looks fine, but when I stand up and look from further away, inconsistent slant and shapes really stand out. The bonus part about standing up is that I can do this in the kitchen in between daily tasks, and my baby can't reach all the fun inks and papers, so I just leave it there all day. Getting brief glimpses when my mind is on something else reveals things I don't see when I'm too focused.

This brings me to the final sheet, a combo of speed and color:


So you can see that my accuracy suffers when I add too much speed. I'll continue to search for that happy medium. To me, broadedge calligraphy has so much more life and emotion with added speed.

Thanks for reading (: I'd love any feedback, detailed as possible!


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