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Grayson Hjaltalin

UI/UX Designer




Growing up living in Nothern California, I was surrounded by skateboarding and the culture that follows it. Much like you, Kevin, I loved the idea that everything was self-taught, self-disiplined and very rewarding at the end. After copying tons and tons of logos from my favorite brands on my school binders, I realized I loved design more than anything. Though I do love fashion (nice Supreme hat btw) and I do love modern tech/gadgets. So I feel like maybe trying to mix the two maybe with like desk supplies or something would be awesome.

Fast forward many years, I am now web designer, though I do love what I do now. There is always something in me that resorts back to graphic design and logo design. Still actively skate in the San Francisco area now. It felt good to have a project and challenge ahead of me to come up with the root of myself. Just creating with no real goal felt great. Much like skating, it is more for a self-satisfaction I feel people miss to this day.

Side note: I know it seems like I am just copying you but growing up I was always a Eric Koston kid and looked up to him from the Chomp on this days. So Girl, Supreme, Es and a few brands came to mind. Though I did sketch out GIRL I will probably not use that for the final project.






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