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Gray but Wistful

I'd just finished watching the course videos, it was a chilly gray day, but I grabbed my little Sony RX100 ii for a mile-long walk to a meeting I had downtown to try out what I learned.  I didn't have a lot of time to try many of the in-camera techniques, other than dropping the camera while filming, which didn't work out too well for what I had.

There weren't too many people out and about.  I'd been spending a lot of my time lately worrying about how pedestrians get across our streets, so I tended to shoot a lot of crosswalks and traffic.  And the occasional person (and dog!). 

I didn't go into the project with any emotion in mind, other than it's cold out, and I gotta get where I'm going.  I ended up with about 16 minutes of video for my one minute project.  I use Cyberlink Power Director 14.  I've used it a little before, but I'm still learning the ropes, so the biggest benefit of the project for me was learning about using the timeline, trimming clips, moving them around, and trying a bit to match the pace of the sound to the resulting video.

The first step was identifying clips that had any kind of redeeming value, and then trimming the clips to the good parts.  This got me down to about two minutes, after which I took a harder look.

It wasn't until I started ordering the clips where I began to think of the emotion I  might try to portray, and it really was just a gray day, but the peace mural with the birds sounded a hopeful theme, so I put that in at the end.

I am looking forward to a warmer day to try some more in-camera shooting techniques.  I only have a wrist strap on this camera, and I can see how having a neck strap could help stabilize my shots.  Using different points of view (low, high), and finding some more populated areas will make things a bit more interesting.

Thanks for a good course to get me experimenting!


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