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Gray Daze Mood Board


This is my first class + project on Skillshare. Holy cow I want to learn everything! 

I have a basic knowledge of Photoshop from high school journalism and internships, projects throughout college. However, I never realized I was doing EVERYTHING in a very complicated way. This class was able to show me easy steps in getting a project done faster. Don't get me wrong, I took my sweet, sweet time and rewound those videos maybe 100x - that's how I roll. Now I have the confidence to start a more intermediate level Photoshop class without it being completely over my head and keep-on-keeping-on this beautiful road of creativity!

I told myself in 2015 I would fall in love with my creative abilities. Now in 2016, I challenged myself to put those abilities to the test and get outside my comfort zone - that's the only way I can grow right? Here's to the gowing pains, y'all! 

Today is a WIN and I will continue loving this journey! 



Also these are some of my favorite colors together. This palette will be fun to coordinate with any event, a room renovation, outdoor photoshoots, or outfit color schemes. That was my inspiration behind the photos I selected! 

I hope Gray Daze inspires you! 


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