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Gravity isn't just a good idea ~ It's the LAW !



Gravity isn't just a Good Idea ~ It's The LAW !!

My name is Kelli Minson and after a frantic call to 911~ I invented Gravity1st Elevated Sleep Systems because my husband (the doctor) almost died from Silent Reflux. Acid Reflux affects over 70 million people in the US alone and it is the #1 cause of Esophageal Cancer ~ which is the fastest growing CANCER diagnosis in the world. Matt's doctor told us that Head Elevated sleeping is the #1 recommended Lifestyle change for acid reflux. Gravity1st elevated sleep system is a Simple Solution to this World Wide Problem ! for lots of videos and our How It Works video !!

 When we left the emergency room we were given instructions that my husband needed to sleep HEAD ELEVATED - but NOT on a short wedge (short wedges bend you in the middle and make Reflux pain worse) There were no products out there that would accomplish this head elevated position ~ Trust Me - I searched and searched ~ so I invented one.

The first thing I did was to roll a up a rug and lay 2 metal shelves at an angle on top of the rug, and then I placed an inflatable mattress on top of everything ! This angle seemed to work perfectly to keep Matt's reflux symptoms at bay, and as I did more research I learned that 30 degrees was the recommended height for reflux. Matt seemed to do great at this angle and I knew I had something. So ~ I sat down and drew my idea out on a piece of paper and the next day I started taking a tutorial on the USPTO website - a couple of days later ~ I filed my very first patent !

After my patent issued a little over a year later - I contacted a large inflatable mattress company and within a few months, I had a licensing agreement. They spent almost a million dollars taking my idea from paper to prototype and I was almost there ! Then they sold the company to someone who was not interested in a health product ~ so back to the drawing board.  I finally reached out to the manufacturer for the original company and he gave me my first round of funding and helped me get Gravity1st to market. When we carried that first box of Gravity1st off the container ~ I almost burst with pride ~ I knew my dream had become a reality and my idea was really going to start helping people.

With virtually no money for marketing ~ we haven't done too bad. We have sold just over 350 beds and Gravity1st has appeared on shows like The Doctors, The Dr. Steve Show and several local news programs. Just a few months ago we got into the Bed Bath & Beyond On-Line catalog, and we are now in talks with Wal-Mart On-line. We are in some specialty catalogs and we were featured as one of Skymalls New Inventors Showcase items. Gravity1st needs a venue like HSN or QVC because it is a demonstrative product. When people see the video ~ they get it ! We recently added a video to the Bed Bath & Beyond site and it seems to be working. We hope to do this with Wal-Mart as well and if we manage to get into their pharmacy, i'd like to see a video player - end cap placement so that when a customer walks into the pharmacey to get their Rx for Acid reflux filled - they can watch our video while they wait !!  We sell primarily from our website and GI Doctors love my product and recommend it to their patients. We use a Prescription Pad with a discount for doctors offices to use when they recommend it to their patients. Chiropractors like it because it helps to elongate the spine while you are sleeping and helps reduce low back pain, OB Gyn docs like it for pregnant women who have Reflux with pregnancy, it's great for snoring, sinus congestion, cold and flu symptoms, it works to help reduce post surgical swelling of the head and neck.

 Traditional Short foam wedges force you to sleep on your back ~ only to end up with your feet hanging off the end of the bed. Gravity1st allows you to sleep in any position and remain head elevated the entire time.  It is inflatable so it's easy to travel with and because you can deflate it in the morning, you can make your bed look normal. It is affordable ($249.00 to $379.00) and very easy to use. Gravity1st comes in 4 sizes ~ Twin, Full, Queen and King - it goes on top of your existing mattress of box springs and it has it's own memory foam top for added comfort. The electric pump is also included.

Gravity1st is helping people all over the world and now we want to develope a 2nd generation of products that are designed for pediatric use as well as specialty pillows for positioning. We donate a portion of every sale to Esophageal Cancer Research and hope to be a part of the cure ~ but until then ... we will strive to be the official sponsor of a Good Nights Rest !!

Gravity, it's not just a good idea ~ it's the law !!


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