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Toby Harper

University Student, Pig Latin speaker



Graven by a fool- Final Draft


Cassius, a quiet and reserved townsman attempts to suppress past traumatic experiences whilst maintaining his town persona

*Final Draft *-  changes made again

Fourth Draft

Third Draft

Second Draft -

Some big changes have been made. 

First Draft -

Cassius Hueffer - Spoon River Anthology - page 4

THEY have chiseled on my stone the words:
"His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him 
That nature migh
t stand up and say to al the world,
This was a man."
Those who knew me smile
As they read this empty rhetoric

My epitaph should have been:

"Life was not gentle to him,
and the elements so mixed in him
that he made warfare on life,
in which he was slain."

While I lived I could not cope with slanderous tongues,
Now that I am dead I must submit to an epitaph
Graven by a fool!

Why I chose this monologue:

I chose to use the story of Cassius Hueffer as my short film because I found his monologue incredibly saddening. This was a man who was completely misunderstood by all those close to him. They all thought his life was 'gentle' and easy when in fact his experience of life was on the contrary. I wanted to discover what it was that could have haunted his life, and why it was the case that nobody truly understood who he was. I found this challenging but exciting. I hope I did it justice. 

I will give feedback to whomever posts on mine! 

I don't know about you but I find some music can really help when writing. I've been listening to this sort of sad stuff when writing this. (Not sure how much influence screenwriters get on editing the music but heres what i've been listening too) - Jónsi and Alex - Stokkseyri


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