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Graven By A Fool

Graven By a Fool by Sara Lohman

I decided to adapt a hilarious story from the Spoon River Anthology called "Cassius Hueffer."  I really loved it because it was about a man reflecting on the hollow words written on his gravestone.  But the best thing about the piece is the main character, Cassius.  He is sarcastic with a wild sense of humor.  And I love the idea of contemplating how you will be remembered when you're gone.  So I chose to write a short about Cassius and his wild ride into the after life.  While the original story is a first-person monologue, I decided to give Cassius a person to talk to so that it'd be a little more cinematic. 

Cassius sits on a stoop on the streets, drinking.  He's weathered and much older than his 40 years.  He is approached by a man, Tom, who tells Cassius it's time to go.  But Cassius isn't ready to go and finds a way to procrastinate by making them stop by his grave.  They read the words on his tombstone and Cassius busts up laughing.  He wants to know who wrote such nonsense on his grave!  He begs Tom to take him to the person who wrote it.  Tom does and Cassius discovers that it was a girl who worked at the headstone shop.  His family wanted nothing to do with his funeral.  Cassius comes to terms with the wicked life he lived and follows Tom to his fate.

I have a draft of the script.  It's seven pages.  It could be done for a budget.  It has three characters and three locations, two of which could be freebies (streets, cemetery).  Link to the script is here:

Cassius Hueffer

THEY have chiseled on my stone the words:

"His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him

That nature might stand up and say to all the world,

This was a man."

Those who knew me smile

As they read this empty rhetoric.

My epitaph should have been:

"Life was not gentle to him,

And the elements so mixed in him

That he made warfare on life

In the which he was slain."

While I lived I could not cope with slanderous tongues,

Now that I am dead I must submit to an epitaph

Graven by a fool!


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