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Yeissen Lowe




"Grateful" for the process


[3.30.16] For this project I decided to brushletter the word Gratitude. This is a class that I've been wanting to take for a while so that I can digitize my watercolor work and brushlettering. I first watched Jenn's class before following her step by step and then I watched the class again with the intent to follow her every move. I quickly realized I had 2 problems... 1. The background to my original picture was too pink and made it hard to do her first step in photoshop. I solved that one by selecting the magic wand (I think that's the technical name?) to isolate the word and then transfer it over to illustrator. My 2nd problem is that I am working on CS2!!! I know, it's so hold. I wasn't able to follow step by step because I have a super old version. I was able to do most of it but stumbled on not being able to group all the paths together. For some reason it just would not group. (I'm sure it's user error. If anyone is working on CS2, I would love some tips!) If I manually Select All, I'm able to move the word around as a whole, and that works perfectly fine too. BOTTOM LINE... I love the way my watercolor brush lettering turned out and excited to continue to digitize more of my work. Thanks for looking and reading about my process.

Original (I don't have a scanner available so I took a picture instead).



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