Grateful for Flexibility

Grateful for Flexibility - student project

Flexibility, of body and of mind, is one of the most valuable qualities a person can attain. I like to stretch in the morning, before I do anything else. I find that when my body is flexible, it is not tense and rigid, it is not in pain, and my mind and thoughts are more free to be flexible as well.. to bend without breaking.. free to grow and change. This is the ideal. I'm grateful that simple stretching exercises - when done regularly and with intention - have such great power in our lives. I keep this gift close to my heart and feel the joy even in the good pain of intense stretches.  

A newborn is soft and tender,
A crone, hard and stiff.
Plants and animals, in life, are supple and succulent;
In death, withered and dry.
So softness and tenderness are attributes of life,
And hardness and stiffness, attributes of death.

Just as a sapless tree will split and decay
So an inflexible force will meet defeat;
The hard and mighty lie beneath the ground
While the tender dance on the breeze above.

—Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching