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Graphic designer, lettering beginner!

I've been a graphic designer for 12 years, so I'm no stranger to Illustrator or the pen tool, but I am new to lettering. I've always loved it, and I figure I have pretty decent handwriting, so why not give it a shot?


I think my biggest problem was doing my name. I've written it so many times, that I have certain habits that I found really hard to break out of. Finally after many iterations, I chose one and started refining...


I liked the angled type. I did realize when refining, that I began to lose patience, I think I made as many mistakes as I corrected while I was tracing. So I stopped and moved on, so I could edit in Illustrator!


Scanned Sketch ^


Final ^

I wouldn't say it's a "final" but after hours of fiddling with the pen tool, I just couldn't handle it anymore. I also sort of missed the character of the handdone sketches, it felt sad eliminating that. So I called it a day on this project. Maybe I'm not cut out for vectorizing hand lettering, but it was a great experience! :-)


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