Graphic designer and illustrator new perspective

Graphic designer and illustrator new perspective - student project

I am a Graphic Designer but drawing has always been a part of me. I like to combine shapes, colors and messages.

I have noticed progress in my work during the last year, like I'm finding my own language and way of expression; I might not be the most confident person about my illustration work because I have always felt I don't have a distinctive style - something desirable for the design world, but maybe not so much an artist.

I struggle balancing these two sides of my work, of me; but thanks to the workshop I can improve the way I present it. Being a "jack of all trades" makes it hard for me to think of how to sell my services and my art, especially when I feel they follow different paths and customers. Sometimes I feel like starting over, or separating each side, or picking just one; and this thought scares me.

I updated my website recently, I think I did a good selection overall getting rid of a bunch of projects but there are still things to improve. I also set up a webshop with prints and a few extra goodies I produced to sell at artfairs as well since they can be eye-catching for people who don't really buy art as itself.

Now I have a few ideas to make my socialmedia reach a bit better as well, funny how some things can be so obvious but until you don't hear it from someone you don't really understand it - Thank you, Brooke, for that.

I do need to find out who can really be my potential customers; I would like to work for companies of all kind as long as they are aligned with my values, and collaborate with social-focused projects.

Online shop:



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1. What are you trying to achieve with your art business?
I want to work aligned with my own values while being responsible of myself as well as my environment; having the time and resources to keep learning, experimenting and creating to translate this knowledge into people's needs - whether is for their brand/business or for organizations working around social issues.

2. What makes you and/or your art unique? What strengths or advantages do you have that others may not?

I think people is starting to recognize my works and the topics I explore and enjoy the images and texts I create, they seem to relate with the emotions I express.
I have knowledge and expertise in different fields which can be applied to different projects and targets. I'm open minded, with several interests and I can learn fast.

3. Explain in a sentence or two, what you hope to get help with from a 1:1 consultation with Brooke?'

Resources to find my real audience and reach to potential customers, a better way of communicating my work and find projects I can participate.

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