Graphic design characteristics


This image advertises a well known product in a simple but effective way.

The composition is simple: one object positioned in the middle of the page.

Contrast is low in and is mainly due to tone more than color, since the main object color is the same with the background color. This allows for the eye to be drawn on the object label and the brand, as well as giving a 'velvet-like' texture to the object. The small green stock at the top of the bottle provides the finishing touch.

The object shape resembles a bottle, but it is constructed by what appears to be tomato slices stucked-up, thus making the viewer subconsiously believe that the product is full of fruit, which implies it's a healthy, pure and honest addition to a meal. The quote at the bottom of the page re-enforces this notion of a healthy food with the word 'grows' implying that the product is as good as something that grows in a field, and that Heinz are the best to do it.

To summarize, I think this is a simple but clever ad with subtle and to-the-point messages for the consumer.


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