Graphic Designer IG Page So Far

Graphic Designer IG Page So Far - student project

Hey Anna


I'm a UK-based graphic designer (currently on 94 followers as I type this) and was very impressed with your video.

Just wanted to post a couple of screenshots of my Instagram page so far. 

My main objective of my Instagram page is to show off my skills hoping to increase my chances of opportunities in my local area. 


My page mainly consists of three things:

Showcasing my poster and logo design work

A Wednesday-weekly feature called 'Logo of the Week' where I recognise other designers

and a few Monday Motivation quotes here and there. 


Every Friday I post a film poster I've made under the feature 'Film Friday'. So my feed is a mixture of these three post types.

In terms of the posters, the main theme seems to be minimalist. They also seems to be bold in tone and colour. Although I feel I should create more variety in my work. 


Graphic Designer IG Page So Far - image 1 - student project


This second screenshot consists of my most popular posts clustered together under a Studio Ghibli Week where I posted a Ghibli fan poster I made every day of the week. My most popular post was the grey Totoro one which 191 likes. 


Graphic Designer IG Page So Far - image 2 - student project


Anyway thank you for producing the class, and I hope to implement your advice to my work in the future.


Many thanks