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Graphic Design

Who would play me in a movie?

Charlotte Gainsbourg or more specificaly the character Stephanie from Science of Sleep.  She is a confident mature women with her own style.  In the movie Stephanie makes arty stuffed animals and is not affraid to add her creative flare to all aspects of her life.

Things that define me:

  • Graphic Design:  Still trying to develop my own style but I love the resurgence of modernism and the hand work styles of contempary design.
  • Art:  I love making it, seeing others Art, and Art History.
  • Crafts:  All things crafty but mainly sewing and textiles.  I draft and sew my own arty stuffed toys as well as embroider drawings.
  • Vintage:  Im a sucker for anything vintage especially clothing.
  • Learning:  I love the process of learning a new subject or skills.


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