Graphic Design Scavenger Hunt

Graphic Design Scavenger Hunt - student project

For the Scavenger Hunt, I decided to look for Form, Color and Line.

1) Line

From this hunt, I've determined i love seeing lines being used to create and fill the form of the art, especially when it comes to complex shapes such as a human face which has multiple planes. I'm also drawn to the juxtaposition of different line weights being used in one image to create weight and shape as well.

Graphic Design Scavenger Hunt - image 1 - student project

2) Form

For form, the constant that drew me in was the use of simple geometric shapes that are juxtaposed to create complex 3-d dimensional forms and give a sense of distance and weight that would not be achieved with just the flat shapes on their own. Also the use of negative space to create additional shapes or break up an image into multiple pieces that can then be crossed to create emphasis on the break are also a favorite.

Graphic Design Scavenger Hunt - image 2 - student project

3) Color

I love dark, cool palettes that are mostly green/blue with a saturated red emphasis or with a golden yellow highlight. Metallics are also a favorite when mixed with the green/blue palette. 

Graphic Design Scavenger Hunt - image 3 - student project