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Graphic Design Process

I am excited to take this class and improve my eye for color. Thank you Domenic for taking it so seriously, for commenting on people's projects, for posting the inspiring target posters, and making such descriptive videos.

I thought it would be neat to tell the story of a graphic design project through the four states/emotions one feels. 

Initially excited about the project. What are you going to do? So many ideas are flowing. 

During, a little hopeless, frustrated. What you thought would work, isn't working. It's looking bad, uh oh!

Then you overcome the block and feel encouraged again, you know you're on to something.

After, you succeed. You make something beautiful. You are proud, you feel accomplished.

I want to use metaphors to tell the story but I am still unsure which route to go. I'm really loving the neon or bright color palatte, so I think that might guide my metaphor choice. 

PHASE 1 - Idea Flow:

I think this will help me to pick a topic and when I start drawing. 

PHASE 2 - Color Inspiration:

I created a Pinterest Board. Below are some screenshots from it. When I think of graphic design I think of something bold, colorful (not always, I know, but I want to take it there).

PHASE 3 - Pick my emotions:

and then I started narrowing down emotions and trying to find metaphors I could illustrate that compared to the graphic design process.  I circled my favorites, but I have yet to narrow them down. So far I'm kind of liking the idea of comparing the three stages to a drone being able to fly.

Print 1: Drone gets the idea that his perpeller can help him fly, he's excited. Print 2: He doesn't know how to work it, he has failed, fallen, almost ready to give up. Print 3: He made it, the world is endless and he is feeling euphoric. 

PHASE 4 - Get inspired:

Mood board and my 4 emotions. I wanted to capture the feelings through these boards.From here I will pick my colors and then my storyline. I want to start sketching by friday so I can finish by the Feb 9th deadline :) 

1. You start a creative project. You feel inspired.

2. You have tried a few angles to approach your creative project but have failed, you don't like anything you've done. You feel hopeless.

3. Alas - a ray of light has shown, you've been inspired, you're liking what you're doing. You feel encouraged.

4. Success, you've achieved exaclty what you set out to. You feel accomplished.

PHASE 5 - Drawings:

I've decided to go with my idea on robots and I want to tell the story of a robot wanting to fly. This will serve as a metaphor to the graphic design process emotions I want to convey. First the robot is inspired, has ideas about what it would be like to fly, where he could go, what he could see. After trying a couple of times, he has failed, he feels hopeless and ready to give up. Then he gets an idea and suddenly feels encouraged. Then he's flying, loving life, feeling so accomplished and proud.

I want to make my 6 images go together like a sort of comic book. 


I have yet to define what my robot will look like. I've gathered inspiration on robots with emotion and what their different shapes/characteristics are like and I plan to dive deep into character creation tonight. I also have several options for emotion 1 and emotion 4 and i wondered if anyone would share feedback.

PHASE 6 - Color Palette Choices:

I picked out my color palettes. I'm a little concerned with hopeless not working with the others but feel it must be differenciated since hopeless is the only negative emotion in the bunch.

PHASE 6.5 - Change of story

Today I went to Alcatraz Island in San Francisco. I've lived in SF two years and had never been. It was absolutely stunning. Amazing views of the city, and so tortureous for innmates to be stuck there, with a world so close yet so far away. This inspired me to change my story a little bit. Same emotions, similar story.

1. Robot feels inspired by the city he dreams of going to.

2. Robot realizes its so far away and if she touches the water, he's dead. She's hopeless.

3. Robot has an idea. She feels encouraged to pursue it.

4. Robot's idea worked, she's off to the city! She feels so accomplished.


Initial color exploration and emotion testing. Expanded palette on the right. I still need to figure out how to add the lighter shades so the feeling of inspiration is still in the air.

PHASE 8: Color exploration on two emotions





After submitting my project I realized I wasn't happy with it, so I came back and made revisions. I think it has a lot less contrast and Dom had pointed out this might help out the finals and it has! Thanks Dom!! I am a lot happier with them now. 

Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated! Thank you Dom for a fun class!


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