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Sarah O'Brien

Graphic Designer



Graphic Design Portfolio

// Introduction //

As graphic designer, I've developed a vast portfolio of work and developed an extensive knowledge for print design. I would love to delve into learning more about how to design on the web, specifically WordPress because it intrigues me. This class will be the perfect opportunity for me to extend my knowledge as well as set up an online portfolio.

Ready to dive a little deeper into design!

// Assignment #1 //

//  Update  //

I've decided to work with the theme "Spun by Caroline Moore" for my website.

The circlular structure of the site will work great with my logo. I've started messing around with customizing it...first issue/question I came across is the ability to change the header image size from it's set 150 x 150 pixel dimensions. Not a huge hold up but something I'd like to look into adjusting!

{ My logo design }

// Assignment #2 //

Here's the start of the design for my portfolio website. The logo is kind of difficult to see because it has a rollover feature but I was able to upload it with your directions for changing the code! Using the blog feature to create an index of images of my portofolio work. I'm loving the circular design of the Spun theme which I've reflected in the posts themselves. Looking forward to adding some more of more work as well as a contact page. Any suggestions for including a downloadable resume?

{ Home Page }


{Project Feature}

// Update //

Currently try to add the plugin Contact Form 7.  I'm following your directions from last weeks videos; however, I received this message after entering the sudo nano line:

I almost got all the way through but when I saved it prompted me with where to save. Does this matter?

I have a contact form! Thanks for the help. Out of curiousity, are you able to adjust the layout of this contact form? i.e. Have the name and email fields next to each other? Possibly tighten the veritcal spacing between the form?

// Final Site //

I've been having trouble connecting to the FTP so I haven't been able to get the link up live. I'm going to try again tomorrow but meanwhile here are screenshots of the completed site.

{Home Page}



{Project 1}

{Project 2}

{Project 3}

{Project 4}


// Link //


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