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Graphic Design Ninja Training

I've been a graphic/web designer since the mid-90s, and I continue to work one on one with clients on branding and design via my business, LV Creative. This model has enabled me to work with many amazing businesses, however I have found two things:

1) There are only so many hours in the day for me to book one on one projects

2) Lots of entrepreneurs are interested in DIY or at least don't have the initial funds to hire a professional

Graphic Design Ninja Training is a graphic design course for non-graphic designers. In a 7 week course, I will teach non-designers graphic design basics, beginner Photoshop and concrete ways to apply what they've learned to their businesses. The course will include templates, tutorials and access to me via a once a week phone call.

Offering a design course allows me to better serve clients who aren't ready to hire my custom services. It also serves as a way for potential clients to get to know me via a course at a much lower financial risk.

UPDATE Lesson 2

I like being a freelancer. I have had staff and partners in the past and it's not something I enjoy. I prefer the ability to make what I want, STOP making when I want to, and pivot easily. I like the freedom and flexibility.

However, I am starting to only do the parts I really love to do and to hire out the other bits, even if I could do them myself. This project is scalable, unlike my current consulting business. 

What does that make me? A freepreneur? An entrelancer?

UPDATE Lesson 3

No funding needed.There will be a small amount of personal investment necessary surrounding necessary tech to deliver the course but nothing that is drastically outside the typical cost of doing business.


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