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Grape Seed

Grape Seed

Grape Seed is an online Luxury Wine Retail channel that provides access to exclusive, rare wines by established winemakers by leveraging a crowdsourcing model to enable these wines to be made. 

Subscription Model:

$50/mo - limited access to wines - seeds

$100/mo - full access to all wines - vines + moleskin + stamp ink for notes.

How would you grow the product? Lay out various hypotheses (repeatable, scaleable, sustainable)

1. Initial Growth to be fueled by focusing on online communities and adding value. Focus on content around wine clubs, winemaker exploits, vineyard info / data - content that could not be otherwise obtained. : Reddit/r/wine, Snooth, - content driven! (Bump)

2. Initial Growth supported by paid channels (SEM, Ads)  (Bump)

3. Invite only ongoing promotion. Seed subscribers can get 1 month free access for every converted friend to email. 1 year full access to wine with converted friend to subscription. Use greater access as the incentive to invite others. (Engine)

4. We make user wine ratings “famous”. For every review on wine we take the best reviews and curate them on our weekly / bi-weekly / monthly newsletter. Leveraging status?  - (Engine)

5. Send info to get people into ecosystem (email convert)  - (Engine)

6. Publish reviews / activity onto their social channels - (Engine)

How are you getting users to bring in other users? How is this a part of the product workflow? Is it just a hacked layer?

1. For every email we get from them they get 1 month Premium access.

2. For every subscriber we get from a referral, the sender gets free shipping for 1 month.


1. List the consumer / Producer Personas

100 / month Tier

50 / month Tier

2. What is the users motivation for using the product?

Luxury wine drinkers -  who like want access to exclusive wine offerings made by established winemakers.  These consumers use Grape Seed to discover new wines and acquire them whenever they like. The higher tier unlocks more exclusive offerings.

3. List Desired Growth Action

Growth Action = Invite others to platform and both will receive incentive.

4. Are the Growth Action and Motivation aligned?

Yes. The user is motivated by an incentive (greater access, free shipping) and the recipient of the email is incentivized to join (both get free shipping for 1 month). The user wants other people to join.

5. What are the primary motivations to why someone would send and email / social posting to get someone else into the ecosystem (email / subscription)

All motivations will revolve around “status” seekers.

1. Free Shipping

2. Greater access to wine

3. Self Promotion (Newsletter reviews)  - Grape seed will “feature” a user review

4. Status (I can get things you cannot)

5. Incentives (glassware)

6. Wants wine produced by their favorite winemaker (kickstarted model) they need others to join and fund so the wine is produced.

7. First dibs on low volume offerings

8. Expedited shipping (100 membership)

For the recipient, classify motivation to click and enter the model via an email subscription and/or a full conversion.

1. They also want free shipping

2. Value in “premium” and “exclusivity” they want to be “in the know”  (Status)

3. Want to support their friends interest. (kickstarted model)

4. Interest in the content (email subscription conversion)

Growth Actions:


1. Exclusive Content

2. User featured reviews

3. Ask a winemaker


1. Shipping Incentive (next shipment is free)

2. Secondary product incentive (corkscrew / glasses)

3. Access incentive (get the premium tier)


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