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Granville Calhoun: Canaries

Step 1:

The poem I have chosen is the story of Granville Calhoun.

I love the way this poem illustrates his feeling of bitterness that lasted to his grave. Even though the town elected him 29 times, he feels betrayed because they chose someone else on the 30th. He allowed something he could never change to become his obsession that followed him even past death. I feel like the way he motivates his children to become successful out of spite is an interesting and realistic dynamic.

This poem doesn't need to be moved to a modern setting or altered in any way. Although the following poem shows that at least one of his sons ended up fulfilling his father's wish of gaining power and success, I believe that Granville dying without actually seeing this happen makes for a more powerful ending.

I will begin to work on my first draft soon and will share it here as soon as I finish. Tips and ideas are definitely appreciated as I'm still in the early stages of fleshing out my thoughts.


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