Grant writing basisc

Grant writing basisc - student project



  1. Review the Grant Readiness Checklist from Lesson 3 and the other elements we discussed throughout the course.  Our organization has all components in place, as it is well established. 


  1. Collect the items your organization already has. Our organization has a board of directors of 16, a staff of 5, a rotating schedule of volunteers, a mission statement and short and long term goals,  non profit tax status, budget, multiple sources and good data on the hundreds of clients we serve.


  1. What items do you still need to develop, and who can help? as our organization has/is growing, we need to revisit our mission statement and goals, upgrade our technological savvy and increase communication.  We need increased funding and would benefit from help from more local agencies,  in addition to government ones


  1. Do any items need to be updated or revised? The long term and short term goals need tweaking, as do finding alternate funding sources. Grants seem to be more of a copy/paste variety and assumptions are made about receiving them.


  1. What are your long-term project goals?  Lessening the affects of food deserts in our community and provide education that increases nutritional awareness and the skills and tools for self efficacy in home gardening, harvesting and preserving.