Grandmother Memory

Grandmother Memory - student project

Creating a Photoshop composite artwork to share a visual family memory

• Scan a series of photographs from your collection of old snapshots from your shoe box stored away in the attic. Select images that can tell a visual memory of your loved ones, portraits, homesteads, momentos, letters, souvenirs, anything that can be composited into a fond memory. 

• Download a background texture to integrate your images and follow the step-by-step Roots Part 2 video instruction using the Photoshop application.

• Decorative border designs can be found and downloaded from the Internet to enhance your artwork.

• Custom Photoshop brushes can be used to further enhance your family treasure.

• Print your masterpiece and look for additional ways to display your photo compositions:

  Stand Alone Display / Fanfold Display / Photo Album / Print Portfolio / Digital Painting.

Future projects are planned for SkillShare postings.