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Khara Woods

Graphic Designer



Grandma's House


Here's my reference photo: my grandmother's old shot gun house. I want to animate this because I spent many days on that porch with my mom, her sisters and and my beautiful grandmother, who could grow the greenest, healthiest looking ferns I've ever seen. 




Second (gettin more accurate with each iteration)


In Illustrator


Final Design in Photoshop


My layers in AE all tidy like:

I am still having trouble with too many group layers, once I convert my imported artwork to vector shapes. I'm wondering, instead of simply uniting my individual shapes in Illustrator, do I need to create a compound path of the individual shapes? That way, when I import to AE and then convert to shapes, instead of having 1000+ group layers, I'll have a more mangageble number of groups like 50 or so.

Anyone have an idea how to slove this issue? 


Even though this is uber simple and not very imaginative, I'm proud of myself for watching all of the lessons, sometimes 2 or 3 times and having a finished piece to show for it, with some overshoot sprinkled in! I forgot to animate my fern though. In fact, I forgot to unhide it's layer. I may add that in later. I'm tired now. I'd like it swing from side-to-side. I guess that's a position property thing. Thje steps, here, are a bit of an afterthought too. Be nice to stack them one on top of the other like falling dominos or something like that. Anyhoo, here's what I have so far:


Second Iteration with more detailed background, extra animation. I think I need some sort of fade to black at the end.



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