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Grandma Cupcakes

We all know Grandma makes the best cupcakes. And cookies. And Pie. And if she's doing her job correctly, there's a stash of candy somewhere, too. At best, it's some sort of chocolate. At worst, it's those weird strawberry hard candies with chewy middle bits (I say that like it's a bad thing. It's not. I secretly love those things). 

My mom has all these things in her fridge/pantry/cupboard/random shoeboxes at all times. That's because she's been a grandma for a number of years, and she's a damn pro. She is yet to be a grandma to one of MY kids, though.

But that's about to change in a few months, here. So when I signed up for this skillshare class, I decided to create a little something special for her.

This is how it started out:

(Got distracted from letters by cupcakes, sorry)

The beginnings of the first thumbnails: 

(looking pretty squashy)

Starting to sketch it out a little more:

(awwww, yis. More cupcake)

Thumbnail two required a little more frosting:

(not loving the G in "grandma")

Aaaaaannd refining the sketch a little more:

(much better. That first banner sucked anyway.)

Now, I need to pause here and say that I'm mostly illiterate when it comes to graphics programs and such. Something I sort of just glossed over when I signed up for this class (oops!). This "scanning" and "graphicy-magic" that everyone seems to be doing is beyond my realm, so my next step was inking and painting. 

Ink, and a little paint:

(mmmm ... cookies)

Oh crap. Watercolors are tricksy. This version quickly became a swatch pad.  

(Marilyn Monroe cupcake)

Finally decided on a color palette

(oooooh, pretty)

Ah, much better:

Aaaaaand the final piece! Still trying to decide whether or not to add the beater mixers from the original sketches back in at the top. Kind of too terrified I'll screw it up at this point to even touch it again. 

(ignore crappy lighting, please!)


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