Grandfather West

I have also started a blog [email protected] incase I need to rotate some images that way you can still see them all. Please check it out thanks!

Monster #9: Sorry I got a little behind but I will make 100 monsters. I forgot to take before pics but you can see part of the beard and mustache was the beginning ink blot. My favorite part is the little bowler hat,so cute! I was watching a million was to die in the west while designing him then was somewhat inspired by steampunk elements. I am calling him grandfather west due to his facial hair and bowler hat.

Nov. 13th Clomper: this blot reminded me of a horse or camel neck and I integrated porcipine tail since it was so thick. I also changed the head from just hanging to sniffing something in the air. Maybe it is a version of a hound dog?

Nov. 12th Dredge: a benevolent monster similar to a tall cow that has it's mouth on it's feet to eat greens. I loved the legs on this thing and automatically thought the dangling appendages would be eyes because it is so tall and needs to see the grass because it is eating where it walks.

Nov. 11th  Citch: This monster took an extremely long time, automatically it looks like a butterfly but I didn't want anything too obvious so instead of wings I did knives because they had similar patterns to a butterfly. The spider thorax allows it to cocoon its victims stab them and drink their blood through it's tongue. 

Nov.10th You better run or you might get some tongue! I was actually trying way too hard to make that second ink blot another character but then some how pulled it off as one. 

Nov.8th Borris: This inkblot instantly made me think of a dog/cat hunkered eating.

Nov. 7 The Gardian of the Gate: the begining ink blot reminded me of fuzzy caterpillar and thought it would be really cool to do some wrought iron look. This made me then think that he is part of the gate and he guards the portal to my Macabre world. He would thrash around spearing anyone not permitted to enter.

Nov.6:Today I was in a cyclopse mood. I was inspired first by the character on the Right (Poopsey). Poopsey is the name of my pet rat and playing off the idea that pets and their owners look alike I also wanted to make the other character a cyclopse. I used a white pen to make the details on Poopsey.

Nov.5: First of all thank you so much Stefan Bucher for this class! I needed something to help me become more creative and loose with my ideas and I think this will really help out.

I started my first monster today and forgot to take before and middle pics but I expect to attempt one a day untill I run out of ink blots. This character is named Grundel I started with the head and once I found what I liked with the sketch I inked it in moving downward. Grundel I imagine hunting lost souls aroung the creapy corners of abandoned and desolate places, as you can see the wings also morphed into legs so it has a staggering gait and a craining neck to peak around corners.


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