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Vadim Daschinsky

Let's make cartoons!



Grand piano and dancing "polite green men."

   Added to my "Musical project" class a new lesson with a luxuries grand piano and dancing "polite green men."  I think it can be great intro for new class. Had not yet decided what kind of class it will be )))

     Today made this cartoon man for a new show. May be give him gitar? Or piano? Oh! I know!

Saxophone! It'll be grait saxophone player! )))


Hi everybody!

   I just recently on SkillShare. Actually - this is my first project on this site. I really like the Skillshare. Jake Bartlett is very cool. I think he’s even cooler than Andrew Kramer. Once upon a time I was fond of creating cartoons in the style of South Park. Since then, I have a lot of footages - there are various musicians too. Therefore, I decided to participate in your project. Only these cartoons made a little differently - I use good old bitmap graphics. It is easier than shapes and puppet tool.

  Oops! I can not load GIF! They say it is too big. Is 8 Mb realy too much? But I can show you video of my GIF. Yes, I know - it is some kinde of perversion but I never work with GIFs. To say the truth - I hate GIFs ((( It seems they hate me too...

  Just look at this – I’ve got more musicians now! And I made GIFs of them finally. Now I’ll download them in my project. All the models you can find in the downloads of my classis. This is our cool rock Butters playing guitar. 


   Vasya the drummer


  Kenny Pianist


I even made a series of video lessons for beginners on how to make these musicians.


  Maybe we can take all our musicians and make of them a musical clip like this? We can tell the world what we're doing here on Skilsshare. It seems to me - it would be interesting. What are you thinking about this project?

I allredy made background for this video


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