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Grand Vapor Station



Grand Vapor Station - Premium E Juice Subscription

If you live in Southern and now Northern California you may be saying to yourself, another Vape store?  They have one on every corner.

But if you live anywhere else in the country or have never heard of what a Vape is, let me tell you.  Vape is another term for an Electronic Cigarette.  The term was created because when you are using an electronic cigarette, you are not smoking anything, but the liquid in it is heated up and creates Vapor which is then inhaled.  The liquid in the Vape has different flavors and different nicotine levels so it is a completely different experience than a cigarette. Vapor or Vape has now become the well known term for the industry.

My projects starts off about 6 months ago when I was sitting with my cousin and talking about starting up a local Vape shop here in the Bay Area.  The area we live at currently does not have a shop.  So we start looking into it and are in the process of trying to get this started right now.  A few months ago I had a secondary idea for the business.  I thought to myself:
-there are 1000's of manufacturers who are starting to sell the different flavored Juice for the Electronic Cigarettes
-There are new Manufacturers popping up every day
-Each of these manufacturers have 10-100 different flavors of juice
-Its impossible for someone to try every manufacturer, let alone every flavor out there

One way to solve this is through a monthly Juice Subscription where we will hand pick 3-4 premium Juices and send to customers on a monthly basis.  This way:
-Users Try new Manufacturers
-Users Try new flavors
-Manufacturers get exposure to new customers they would never have

So my plan is to have a web store with all the latest hardware products for anybody looking to get into Vaping or for the experienced Vaper who has a new hobby.  We will carry everyones favorite Juice for purchase.  We also plan to offer the first Monthly Subscription for Premium Juice.

Where are we now? We have just started.  We have purchased a domain and we are currently developing the site.  As of 11/13 we have no social media presence.  I hope to come up with a good social media strategy by taking this course, reading Gary's new book and by learning from all of you.


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