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Adam Vass




Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids is a cool little town in West Michigan where I've lived for most of my adult life. Its a weird hip bubble in the otherwise conservative midwest. Probably the most vegan-friendly town I've ever seen in the world, which is crazy for a place that is not really that big. Anyways, I'm going to be designing a pennant for my town. I figured even writing this much about it would encourage me to stick with the project, instead of just watching the class videos and not contributing. Plus, the contest sounds pretty rad. Updates to follow. Here goes nothing. 

Here are some of my reference images. I like a common motif of having a large image at the leftmost part of the pennant, where the image can be big and the text can fill up the shrinking space to the right. I also really like some of these type treatments, where dropshadows and flourishes make something stock into something special. 




And here is one of my favorite Oxford pennants, though it was hard to choose. Here again I really like te drop shadows adding another dimension to the type, and the color choices really make the whole thing pop.



I took a couple strange pictures of textures I've found in my room. Firstly, part of the wall where my computer has accidentally scraped some paint away from clumsiness, and secondly, the inside of my closet door where paint has also been scraped away. I figure both of these were not super distracting and could lead to some nice big chunks once I use photoshop to turn them into usable textures.



and here are those two photos after being treated and bitmapped:



Here is the design I came up with for the pennant before the textures. I really wanted to do something in a monoline script. Colors are tricky and I'm still undecided; I was initially going to do a daisy yellow ink on a royal blue pennant like the city's logo, but it was kind of ugly and not a very nice contrast. This is placeholder for now cause I've been using maroon in a lot of designs lately. 



Finally I did end up reverting to the colors of the Grand Rapids city logo, which are a bright yellow, a solid red, and a royal blue. I saw the logo in use on a street sign yesterday while walking around town and realized how often it is implemented around town, and how my pennant would be recognizable in that way by anyone who lives here. I've added the textures and finished my design! Including a closeup of the vectorized texture.




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