Grand Opening Ad

Grand Opening Ad - student project

Dear Kate, 

I'm so excited that know you're Top teacher and have Giveaway activity because I need to learn a basic of Adobe Photoshop and Illustration, and when I applied SkillShare, your all  courses are on my save class. 

I applied a lot of tool you've taught such as quick selection tool, Motion Blur, Retangle tool and its effect and also changing background. This is my first time to create Banner Ads, so could you please give me advice?

Thank you for this essential course that help me learn Photoshop in fun and easy way. I'm waiting for your future course. Thanks in advance.


Grand Opening Ad - image 1 - student project

Photo by Elizabeth Pishal on Unsplash

Grand Opening Ad - image 2 - student project

Photo by Paul Berthelon Bravo on Unsplash

Grand Opening Ad - image 3 - student project

Photo by Daria Rom on Unsplash