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Grand Chai Chats

I love tea! And I love to travel. I've set a lofty lifetime goal of having tea in ever country in the world. And my travel blog is so named, Tea Afar. But equal to my love for travel is my love for Oakland, California! It's such a unique place culturally, artistically, politically and certainly gastronomically.

My mapping project travels around the world, at home. Within one mile of my apartment on Grand Ave (Lake Merritt) I interviewed nine friends of different ethnicities, over tea, at nine different kinds of restaurants. I asked each of them questions of about what it's like to be first generation or 1.5ers, as I learned. I learned so much by making the interview formal, and from friends that I've had for many many years!

So I'm excited to bring the audio, photographs and words into a form that celebrates the geography of a city and the people it attracts.

I'm just now beginning because I was moving to Colombia as this class began! So this project has special meaning as I remember my home and take the words and advice of close friends with me forward as I become an immigrant? Ex-pat? Fish out of water?


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