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Grand Budapest


Because I am a masochist I got really excited about animating the Grand Budapest Hotel.

I stopped after the first few class segments to build the illustrator file.
I only got this far in the first sitting:


I'm thinking about how to simplify what's left just so I can complete the project.
But I'm still really excited to do something fun with this big pink layer cake of a building.

And I loved the movie.


Ok I think I've made this thing about as intricate as I'm going to (And probably way more than I should have. Whatever.) So now I think Im ready to take it into AE and spend the next month organizing layers.

Here's the updated version:



The universe decided to laugh at me.
A family emergency has thrown me off track so I guess I won't be completing the 3-week challenge in time. But I will come back to it and tackle it once things have settled down again.


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