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Grand Budapest Hotel

For my project I chose this poster by Joseph Chiang at MonsterGallery (

I love Wes Anderson films, and especially the artistic choices he makes with color-schemes and set-designs. I thought it would make the project a lot more enjoyable if it had a more whimsical feel. 

This project took me about 4 days working on-and-off. I utilized shape tools, the blob tool (for the more organic shapes like the floral pieces), and the pen tool.  

I would say the most difficult thing to figure out came at the very end when I was trying to get the texture right. I needed to apply the texture to everything in the poster, not just one shape. Utilizing clipping masks wasn't really an option because the piece was so complex, so I had to kind of wing-it to get the vintage poster feel right. I ended up using a top layer with my desired texture, setting the mode to multiply, and setting the opacity to 71% in the transparency window. (Please let me know if anyone has a better way to do this, I searched forums for a while, and this seemed to be the only thing that got me close to what I was looking for!)

Poster before texture:

Final poster with texture:

Playing with the texture a little more:

More Texture:


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