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Grammar Ghoti (Fish) Logo

My degree is in English, and I want to pursue a career in editing, but as graduate school costs a good deal of money, I decided to start an editing service to keep my work fresh while I'm in schooling-hiatus.

"Ghoti," if you look it up, is a phonetic play on our language. Assuming the "gh" makes an "f" sound as it does in "tough," the "o" makes a short "i" as it does in "women," and the "ti" makes a "sh" sound as it does in "formation," then "ghoti" sounds like "fish." My last name is "Fisher," so there you go.

In order for people who know about "ghoti" to get what I'm doing, I've felt the inclusion of a fish image or the act of fishing is important in my logo. I do, however, want graphic simplicity. I also want to avoid looking too much like the Jesus fish, no offense to anyone.

The top left one was a copy from another design I saw online, except there was a rower in the boat and I changed that to a fishing pole (and the text, obviously). The one underneath is closer to the original concept I thought of when I first began to construct a logo.

Top right isn't really hashed out...I don't like the text on the fish, and I think for sake of flow the box should be on the left so it reads that way.

I think it's pretty apparent that I liked where the bottom two were going the most. I do like the circular nature of the bottom right image, but I like the straightforwardness of the bottom left design. 



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