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Gram Crackers: 30 Day Instagram Bootcamp

In June 2016, I created a brand new Instagram account to test a theory: Was it possible to generate 1,000 followers in a month of concentrated effort?

Short answer: No...because I got 1200 followers instead!

Long answer: It can totally be done, but it takes a dedicated effort and I'm going to show you how it works with Gram Crackers, my new Instagram bootcamp.

Instagram is becoming one of the leading community engagement platforms for small business owners who are looking to generate an income from their passions, and I want to help!

This 30 day bootcamp covers:

  • creating a month's worth of images
  • finding the right hashtags for your brand
  • engaging with your current (and potential) fanbase
  • account cleanup and maintenance
  • and how to completely automate your Instagram account for maximum success.

This class can be used for both product and service based businesses, as it covers the need to create engagement with your community by establishing "know, like, and trust" instead of straight sales pitches. Join me, won't you?

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