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Grafittis by HeyMookey

"Graffitis" was inspired by a club my parents used to party at in the 90's.  It was a hip-hop / dance club in Wichita, KS. "Graffitis" is the first song I've made using Logic.  I began this song about 2 weeks ago and completed it about midway through the lessons of this course.

At the beginning of making this record I became increasingly irritated at how flat the instruments sounded.  I am new to producing music so I really didn't understand the importance of concepts like panning or compressing.   When I read the overview of this course I knew it would have what I needed to bring my record to a more professional level.  So I invite anyone who is reading to please provide any feedback you feel can help as I progress.  It is greatly appreciated.

Here is the sound cloud link to the current track:

After taking this couse I hear so many things I can improve. 

Just off the top you can see the levels all need to be properly adjusted one at a time.  Many of them are way too high and because they are not effectively leveled many sounds are just being flushed out. Now that I have a better understanding of the Master Bus level and how that corresponds with the levels of the instruments, I can find a more effective way of making the song more interesting. I plan on doing this by playing the volume of each instrument off of the other.

The same is true for the panning.  I did add panning to some instruments but mainly for effect only. I am excited to put to use my new understanding of placement of drums and the orchestra to make this record more dynamic.  I know that the final Mastered song will be a vast improvement from what I have now.  

Step One 
Organizing My Instruments

1. I had one track labeled "Main Beat". It held the pattern for my kick and snare progression through the song.  I seperated these instruments into two seperate tracks allowing me to individually adjust the pan and volume levels.

2. I then Organized my instruments into 7 Groups

  • 1. Drums
  • 2. Overheads
  • 3. Lead In Drums and Crashes - I plan on moving these regions and merging them with the kick track and the overheads.  I don't like that i created a seperate track for just a lead in.
  • 4. Electric Piano - These are two tracks that play different notes. They need to be combined into one track that will play off of the main Chicago Chords in Group 5
  • 5. Chicago Chords - These two tracks also need to be condensed
  • 6. Bass
  • 7. Synths

Here is the photo after the tracks were grouped but before I condenssed Groups 3, 4 and 5:

This looks a lot better.  I condensed Groups 3, 4 and 5.  We now have 5 Groups : Drums, Overheads, Chords, Bass and Synths.  This takes me to Step 2 which is volume and panning adjustment.

I've set the levels and panning for my drums and overhead.  I'm not paying attention to the overall bus just yet just so I can get a feel for how all the instruments sound together.  The panning has really helped give so much more interest to the drum set.  I realized many mistakes in my pre mix.  The volume levels on my overhead were too high and overpowering my kick and snare.  I've lowered their levels so they contribute more effecitvely to the whole drum set.  

I've spend several hours adding plug ins, adjusting instruments and duplicating instruments then adding effects to play off of other instruments.  This had made my mix sound much more full.  I've gotten to a better palce with my overall volume as well.  I added a SineWave under my kick also and the really did help to fill that sound out.  The final step was getting creative with my panning.  Again this is one element I was missing from the original mix that has really enhanced the sound of the record.


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