Graffiti Basics: 5 Steps To Create Your Own

Graffiti Basics: 5 Steps To Create Your Own - student project

Ever wondered how all those street artists get such amazing artwork up on the walls around your neighbourhood? 

Perhaps you've wanted to have a go yourself, but didn't know how? 

Well then... Welcome! 

In this class I'm going to show you some of the core basics of starting your own graffiti journey. I will introduce you to some key foundations I wish I had been taught when I first begun, and I will guide you through the process of creating your very own 'graffiti' name.


This course will be broken down into 5 classes: 

- Getting Started: Quickly go over key equipment you will need for this class, as well as establish a word or a letter we will use to begin practicing.

- The First Sketch: We will begin drawing out the word or letter we have chosen. 

- How To Colour (Fill In) Your Sketch: Outlining a few basic concepts on how to colour your sketch, adding a fade or effect to add style.

- Adding 3D and Outline: Key tips to help you refine your artwork. Outlining your work will give it finished look and help make it stand out 

- Fixing Mistakes and Final Touches: I will show you a few tricks on how to clean up your work in a term we call 'Cutbacks' and add the final touches to your brand new masterpiece! 


I look forward to having you along in this course, and I encourage you to share your work as you progress. I am here to help guide you through the process, so be sure to upload and share your work. After all, we learn better together. 

Enjoy the class! 


Class Outline:


See your Teacher in action! Graffiti Vlog of the below project. 

Graffiti Basics: 5 Steps To Create Your Own - image 1 - student project

Colin McKinnon
Graffiti Artist | YouTuber