Catherine Sergeeva

Graphic Designer



Gradients: the Complete Guide to Professional Result


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My name is Catherine. I’m a freelance graphic designer. And in this class I want to show how to create color gradients using Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh tool.

Using complex gradients is one of the current trends in graphic design. It’s a simple way to create a bold visual statement. And, as you can see, it’s widely used for creating posters, visual identity, packaging and etc.

In my class I’m going to show:

  • how to choose colors for gradient and where to find inspiration for vivid color schemes;
  • how to create gradients in Adobe Illustrator in a few different ways;
  • how to use gradients as a base for a final work.

Class projects:



To be honest, I’m really obsessed with color combination all around us: in nature, in interior, in art and design work. And I can’t wait to share this passion with you!

Class outline - 

Introduction video

The first lesson: Colors


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