Gradients study

Gradients study - student project

Project Start


Hey there and welcome! My name is Michal and I am creative individual from Slovakia. I am self taught designer with passion of learning new things. Please, let me present you my journey through this awesome gradient course!


1. Spotlight - spotlight is a simple recreation of Evgeniya's - Intention. I tried to make it as close to it as possible, yet giving it a little bit of me.

Gradients study - image 1 - student project

Colors used 

  Gradients study - image 2 - student project

#f7f7f7                        #ff3de1                        #ff3de1


2. Resonance - I am discovering applying gradients to strokes with blends.

Gradients study - image 3 - student project

Colors used 


Gradients study - image 4 - student project 

#280dfe                     #f70cdc                       #8000ff


3. Depth - This artwork was created using only radial gradient and grain effect.

Gradients study - image 5 - student project

Colors used


Gradients study - image 6 - student project

#00ffd3                      #006cff                       #350080


4. Mars - has struck with me the most. There is something in the universe that drives me towards it. I have explored blending gradients to strokes.

Gradients study - image 7 - student project

Colors used


Gradients study - image 8 - student project

#ffcf00                        #ff4a00                       #3e0080


5. Space - Reverse your thinking to achieve different results. Making negative space dominant in this artwork.

Gradients study - image 9 - student project

Colors used


Gradients study - image 10 - student project

#f78e67                      #f7385d                      #0c1e56


6. Organic - Finishing this awesome sequel with another recreation of Evgeniya's masterpieces - Secrecy. Unfortunately I had to be creative with it since applying gradient mesh would constantly slow my pc down to unworkable levels. Instead of mesh I have used linear gradients with soft light transitions. 

Gradients study - image 11 - student project

Colors used


Gradients study - image 12 - student project

#ffd1ed                        #3b0ab5                    #0b0080


Yay! If you got this far I truly thank you for your time. I am open to any kind of critique you guys find in these artworks! If you want to see what I do, feel free to follow me on Instagram:


End of project



Michal Bíro
Making Impossible Possible