Graceful change

It took me more than 30 years, but I've finally learned to respect my body. Gone are the restrictive diets (not that I ever followed through, but enough is enough with the mental battle) and the over-ambitious workout schedules. I left my eating disorder behind nearly 10 years ago, but I carried some of the unhealthy behaviors and thought processes with me.

Over the last couple of years, I've been letting those bad habits go, and I feel ready to embrace change but with the utmost respect for my body; I feel confident to make small tweaks in my eating/exercising that will celebrate my fittest self, not punish my current shape.

So, my tweaks are: eat more veggies and fruits, at least one with lunch and dinner and breakfast. This is just a starting point but so very necessary: currently, I average one fruit a day (my daily avocado), and want to get that up to at least five. Adding, not taking away.

As for running, this year's goal is to run my second marathon (NY 2008, holla). My goal is to just complete it, but my "reach" goal is to beat my time from 2008. I've got my eye on either Vina del Mar or Buenos Aires in October. As far as the moving my feet goes, I currently get 3 or 4 runs in a week - 1 speed training, 1 longish, 1 or 2 easy. I just want to maintain that and build up a solid base until it is time to start training in Mayish.

The tough goal, the one that will take serious willpower is strength training twice a week. And yoga once a week. I love yoga but am not at all regular with my practice. I loathe strength training for multiple reasons, and I can only do it at home: Chile's gyms are overpriced and underequipped and basically a waste of time. So I have found some "crossfit at home" workouts that i'll try - under 20 minutes, body weight only? I'm in.

So that's that!


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