Grace and courtesy

Grace and courtesy - student project

Grace and courtesy- 1st English lesson in kindergarten. 

I would come in the classroom and say good morning to every child. 

I would shake the hand of the child, keep eyecontact and say good morning. The child has to answer "good morning" also, if not, I would whisper good morning, that the child knows it is his/her turn. 

When I have greeted everyone and received the "good morning" back, I would tell them a short story with my playmobile figures. 

Grace and courtesy - image 1 - student project

Grace and courtesy - image 2 - student project

Grace and courtesy - image 3 - student project


"I am Teacher Verena. " "Who are you?" "I am John. "

Now I would go to the kids and tell them, that I am teacher Verena and then I would ask them, who they are. 

Next short story is:

Grace and courtesy - image 4 - student project

Grace and courtesy - image 5 - student project

"I have something for you." "Thank you" Now I have a real apple, as a gift for the kids and after i gave him/her the apple,he/she has to repeat "Thank you". 

Grace and courtesy - image 6 - student project

For internalizing the new phrases, I have made a three piece cardset.

  Grace and courtesy - image 7 - student project