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Grace and Peace be yours in abundance...


I am so excited to get started I can't even tell you. I intend this project to be as a poster style (frame-able!) gift for my Mum for mothers day/birthday, whichever it is ready for.

I chose one of the more well know biblical phrases, that holds a lot of depth, but is quite a comforting choice. Let's face it you wouldn't want to display an angry verse on your wall to welcome your guests!

So... here's my initial ponderings on the words...

The word I want to emphasise most is abundance. The word by definition is 'a lot of' and I want it to stand out, and be overflowing and full.

Grace and peace are, in my mind, gentle words that hold a lot of meaning. They could look best in a scripted, gently flowing type perhaps...

'Yours'... I'm not sure that I'm going to make a big deal of this word. The three 'lesser' words in the phrase are 'be yours in' and I'm thinking that I might try to keep them all low-key so as not to distract from the beauty and serenity of 'grace and peace' or the bold extravagance of 'abundance'.


So... Here's some pointers of reference and inspiration that I found.

Firstly, I love the plain symbolism in this sign. Peace is a world recognised symbol, and grace... I suspect many people would question this imagery. But it remind sme of the phrase 'Grace = God's Riches At Christs Expense'. 

'Abundance' is filling my bhead with all sorts of natural connotations of farming and a stripped back lifestyle. Doesn't help that everytime I read it now, my head says 'a barn dance'...

As for the dove, I'm not so interested in the bird itself. The imagery for that is so obvious and over -used in many ways (in my humble opinion). The olive branch however, is a symbol of life and peace too...

...Which leads me to this lovely 'wreath'. The passage I have chosen was from 'Roman' times, and this a) reminds me of that period of time (Julius Caesars headband anyone?) and b) as mentioned above is a symbol of peace in the form of the olive branch. Olive's themselves are plentiful and healthy; in moderation... I just love the more subtle imagery available here, and feel the olive branch would be more easily integrated into a design, where a bird might sit awkward. Thinking perhaps it could be used in flourishes, or as a border...


And, here's some beginning sketches. I found myself getting more into the flow of it this time, so didn't spend so long on the type styles one by one, they seemed to happen more naturally as I was drawing. You can actually see the progress of 'Abundance' step by step from one illustration to the next on the 2nd image.

Out of the selected thumbnails, the ones I am most interested in developing further are the ones in the olive branches, and the circular style (I've not experimented with shapes before!). I also want to experiment a little more with different font styles for the olive branches one. I like Grace and Peace as they are in script, but I also am interested in how the bold sans serif (top right in the image above) works with the banner, so I will play around a little more with the layout and type for those.

In the meantime, here is my first basic idea of a sketched out olive branch poster. I will need to practise and perfect the illustration of the branches, as at the momebnt they are drawn really statically, but you get the idea...?

In the first sketch of horizontal olive branches (2nd image today) I added a quick sketch of nails pointing in towards the letters. This was because the whole image looked rather too 'nice' as it was. I thought the nails would tie into the 'grace' word a little more too, where the olive branches represent peace.


Well I realise it has been a while... Not much has been done. I've sat outside in the sunshine today while I work on this piece. Here's an update...

Apologies for the colouring, it's a photo rather than a scan. I reworked the olive branches so that they look more like the actual plant rather than generic branches with no real shape.

i worked the ampersand so it took on some elegance and doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. I also integrated the block sans serif from my trials as mentioned previously. I prefer this look and I found that the scripted text in the previous version worked well, but made the whole piece look busy even though there was very little on it.

Adding the banner in the centre worked well, and gave some importance to the 'less important' words without detracting the attention from the other aspects. I was unsure about adding the nails back in, so I have lef them out. Instead, I have added some other details and flourishes, and changed the direction of the olive branches from a horizontal axis to a vertical one, thus enclosing the text more completely.

I prefer the olive branches this way around, as they look more integral to the design rather than just being a border. I am unsure of the cross on the bottom...

Next, I will work out ways to add the bible verse reference into the piece without it being too obvious. I may add it in place of the cross at the bottom.


I also said I was going to work up the circular designs...

Here I have added some extra details, and changed the words 'be' and 'in' to script without boxes. I also added a cross in place of the rays above the banner, added a graded drop shadow to the banner for some depth (not sure I like this), and added the bible verse reference into the banner, again not sure I like this, too busy! So I moved it... the bottom of the design. Although I like these circular designs and the progression so far, I favour the olive branch designs as the main design I will carry on. I feel the circular designs may be better for coasters or t-shirts even. However, my main aim here is for a poster, and I feel the olive branch design will have more impact in its purpose and style.

Here I have added the bible verse reference to the bottom of the design, and it fits in without distracting the eye. I am pleased with the progress I have made on this, and looking forward to finalising the design and inking.


So... I've started inking up :)

I have been trying to decide which style I prefer for the olive branches, and I think I prefer the more sparse look (see below image, left hand side), but my husband prefers the uniformity on the right hand side. Any comments regarding this? I see his point, the uniformity looks more like a border, but I'm unsure whether having so many leaves will distract from the main lettering styles.  Anyway, here's where I experimented with both...

Please excuse the messy marks, my friend spilt wine nearby and it splashed a little... 

I also noticed, and found it highly irritating, that the D and A in abundance were FAR too misaligned. i righted that when I inked it up... (as yet it is missing the olive branches while I decide/wait for input)

Very pleased with how this is turning out. Can't wait to get the branches on and to start colouring.

Here's how far I have got with the circular one. I haven't changed it so much, and may actually keep the circular border out of it. It felt a little contained with the outside border, but it was only really there for functionality while I organised the layout.

...then again...perhaps it does need a little something.


So, here's the digitized versions...

Next... colour!


First colour trial. Wanted to keep it with natural colours, but a bold 'abundance'.

Thoughts? I'm not yet decided on the 'grace and peace' colour. I've kept it white while I make my mind up. Thinking or a lighter blue but keeping the dark blue outline. Open to suggestions :)


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