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Grace Upon Grace Flows Down

I really wanted to convey the feeling that I had behind the lyrics of a song that I heard over and over. I began sketching ideas of what the song meant to me personally, and the first two sketches just weren't "Big" enough and good enough to describe what the words were saying. 

As a Christian, God's grace was what exchanged my life of debt, and sorrow, and emptiness with a flood of purpose. It cleansed past wounds, refreshed my outlook, changed my future. I began with just words. Grace upon grace...then decided this sketch needs form, a picture. I decided on the words being in the shape of a drop since the word "flows" is used. That idea was quickly scratched as I sat there and thought about the actual grace of My God. "It's more like a waterfall than a drop," I said to myself. Then the lightbulb. And the final version.


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