Emilie Lemonde

MTL 514 Artist/Designer



Gourmet Végétarien <3

I wanted to express my love for food ( I just love to eat so much I would sit all day and shovel tones of food in my mouth All day, Everyday! ) But reality isn't that great ha ha ha... 

I'm also vegetarian and people always look at me with a skeptical face when I talk about food and being vegetarian. WELLLL it's not hard enough when you know how to cook :-)

Also I'm a hot sauce addcit, I have a collection of it. My favorite is still Sriracha <3 Life without hot sauce is SO flavorless!

Oh... please don't mind my horrible nail polish.... shame...


Then I the fun started with illustrator, I came up with this illustration. I learned new technics that I was struggeling not having before. Your class was really helpful for me Mikey.


Thank you so much! (If youever read my post...)


I reaaaaaally love Sriracha. Thank You. Merci,

Mucho Love <3


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